Fast Pass Accounting October 2008

Distracted because of recent events, I have finally compiled my numbers for my fast pass usage in October. Who says that I can’t save money?

A few months ago, Chris suggested that I track my Fast Pass usage since I paid $45 pre-tax for the monthly passed that allowed me to ride unlimited on BART within San Francisco, all Muni systems including buses, LRV, and the cable car.

Thus, my Fast Pass accounting for October 2008:

I used the Fast Pass 49 times in October including any transfers to another line. Each ride typically costs $1.50. A MUNI transfer to another line is free and lasts for 3 hours. However, it cannot be used on the BART.

Excluding the transfers (which probably occurred 8 times) and tax savings, I paid a grand total of…$0.92/ride

Granted, it was an unusual month since I was taking classes at Fort Mason and helping out people in Cole Valley, Noe Valley and North Beach.

The breakdown by route types indicate that I only go straight home form work half of the time. The other times, I may be attending classes, having dinner with a friend or some other activity. There was one Saturday in October when I went downtown and back to the Mission not once, not twice, but thrice within a 5 hour period. Now that was exhausting.

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