Getting lost in Little Big Planet

Escapism? Surely. That’s why for the last few days I have immersed myself full of blu-ray movies, tv shows…and my latest favorite game, Little Big Planet. Granted, I have horrible hand-eye coordination and rhythm timing. But because I could get through the game depending on other players (namely Chris), it really wasn’t that bad after all.

Chris being foolish and me trying to pull him along

A quicksnapshot right before we begin a level

It’s not because I could customize my character to my heart’s content or the funny narrator’s voice. Or the stories…shallow, but sufficient enough to carry the gameplay. Or that there were really two controls to move my sackboy (or sackgirl). Or that I really loved the music.

It was that I could get to the end. One of the few games…I think that I have completed all levels even if it was dependent on other people’s cooperation and them dragging me along as I died and died again.

So if I had to create levels…a story/theme could be:

  • toy store
  • zoo
  • cloverfield-esque
  • haunted mansion
  • Apocalypse
  • bathroom adventure
  • airplane adventure with skydiving
  • navigating through San Francisco
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