Awkward silences

What happens when there is sudden silence?

What happens when there are the two of you in the car? The endless empty road in front of you lit only by the headlights. And there is silence. Does it grate and bite at you? Does it make you want to crawl elsewhere, far far away. And pretend that it doesn’t exist?

What if the last word spoken is “oh”? A feverish, submissive “oh”. And your mind turns blank. Blank like the darkness.

Do you pretend to fall asleep? To shake away the intimate moment you thought you had an hour ago? Do you know that when you wake up, you make up an excuse that it was the dinner that made you sleepy? Do you try to squeeze into your chair as if you did not exist?

2 thoughts on “Awkward silences

  1. Wow!!! I usually don’t think about it so much… everyone gets lost in thought sometimes. The only time I worry is with new people. Or first dates! I’m not sure what their expectations are, so I just keep talking so we have a good time. :)

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