25 things that I did not expect in 2008

  1. Proposition 8 to win
  2. Enjoy visiting Pittsburgh more than New York City
  3. That the election would touch so many people’s lives
  4. A woman in the race would be on the Republican ticket
  5. That I realize there are some friends worth saving
  6. And some friends that are not
  7. My boss would leave the company
  8. To get a chance to attend SXSW
  9. To volunteer for IxDA
  10. Become tired of being Yelp elite
  11. Meet others who were tired of being Yelp elite
  12. Get a call requesting that I take down a Yelp review
  13. Getting a followup message on yelp threatening a lawsuit of no less than $25,000
  14. Receiving such help from the Yelp community about said issue
  15. Get tired of froyo
  16. Attend not one, but two weddings
  17. But not make it to a wedding that I really wanted to attend
  18. Little Big Planet to be my favorite video game
  19. Attend the Emerald Bowl as the only football game I attended
  20. OJ to actually be a criminal!
  21. Gas to hit $4
  22. Gas to hit $1.50
  23. A man named Joe would be a national sensation
  24. Take a BATS improv class
  25. Willingly karaoke in front of strangers and not just shriek my voice off

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