I already heard the rain in the morning.

“You know, whenever I didn’t bring my umbrella, it rained,” he said as we discussed the great weather of San Francisco.

I laughed and said I was taking my chances. Carrying an umbrella was a pain. I recalled how in NYC over the summer, we would find an umbrella in the subway station. Use it. Then leave it at the next subway station. It would be a cycle of leave, pick up, leave. There wasn’t a need for ownership.

“I would rather take a risk than to lose my umbrella when it’s not constantly raining,” I said. “I have been usually lucky.”

But heading back to my apartment, it started sprinkling. No matter, I shook my head out of the water and continued walking. I lifted up my sunglasses so that it would create a mini cap over my eyes. But even then, I peered downward as I pressed on so that rain wouldn’t fall into my face.

And just my luck, it poured and I was running late to my next meeting.

1 thought on “I already heard the rain in the morning.

  1. Ryan was annoyed that I asked him to bring an umbrella when it was all sunny on Saturday. You never know with the weather in SF. :)

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