When waiting, don’t stand in dark corners

The last time I remember this happening to me was when I was trying to catch a taxi on Van Ness. Stupidly, I stood in a dark corner, timidly waving my hands. Hey taxi, look at me!

I stood at that corner for at least 30 minutes until I basically ran into the street in frustration.

Tonight, I stood on the corner, happily waiting for a bus that I didn’t have to wait long. Then unhappily as the bus driver did a California roll and kept going. I ran after the bus after for an uphill block, but stopped.

Then when the next bus came, I brought out my 10 ticket ride…which the driver accidentally tore off 2. I didn’t have the energy to yell at him, but instead took note of his bus driver number to argue next time.

Oh yeah it’s bus driver 1872 for reference. He apologized though but didn’t give me guarantees. Maybe I should have demanded $1.50 from him.

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