When in a place where there is unlimited entertainment

In almost all places that I have lived in, entertainment (at least the home entertainment kind) was always minimal. Number of VHSes or DVDs—almost near zero. Game consoles? Uninterested. Unlimited food and drink? Never.

And now, surrounded by walls of DVDs, all game consoles, fast internet access…well what else could I wish for?

I almost didn’t want to take a shower, because time here is limited. When I could be watching yet another blu-ray. Or playing another game.

It’s strange how I prefer digesting home entertainment by myself. I feel more free as I devour junk food in bliss. It’s comforting that there is nobody judging my reaction and nobody deciding what to watch next. The choice is all mine.

I am halfway through Heroes Season 1, when I had stopped watching it after 12 episodes when it first aired. They await me. To save them.

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