The sun is bright and I accomplished a lot

There’s a strange moment as you near the end of your to-do list…that you realized that you have almost hit every task that you intended to do today. And the sun is still shining outside.

I look at my email box and realize that I have sent over 20 emails in the last day or so, requesting communication, asking questions, assigning tasks, and sending interesting links. It’s unlike the procrastinator side of me—a side that I am still reluctantly accepting that I rarely finish things but start anything that piques me.

And thus far for the record, today, I have:

  • Retrieved and paid for my prescription in case of food poisoning abroad—I am pleased that my insurance didn’t charge me an insane amount
  • Cleared out my laundry basket
  • Paid my Chase credit card bill
  • Called all my credit card companies and banks, acknowledging them of upcoming travel plans—almost everyone commented on my specific trip details, congratulating me
  • Explored some bookstores in the Mission to learn more about Thailand and Cambodia
  • Purchased mint, mango, carrots, and onion for a soup I’ll make today for only $2.75
  • Organized all the medication and emergency care I would need for the trip
  • Gathered the majority of the personal care items I would need
  • Prepared my digital camera
  • Charging my ipod
  • Bought a gift for Chris
  • Sent emails to two people I met at a networking dinner a few weeks ago
  • Sent email to roommate informing him of upcoming trip and other details
  • Respond to developer request
  • Respond to emails about the upcoming Rescomp reunion
  • Update the master contact list for the reunion
  • Watch a YouTube video about LBP featuring Phantom Planet
  • Forwarded said email to Naim
  • Assisted Joe in understanding why Twitter is so awesome
  • Update myself on happenings on Facebook
  • Read news on” and
  • Prevented my pants from getting wet when walking alongside puddles
  • Learned that the former Home Linens store who endured a stupid car accident is now…for lease
  • Listening to Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens
  • Tested out new Maxell handphones since my earlier pair of headphones broke
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