Cupcake Camp 2009

“Let’s make cupcakes!” I declared. “For cupcake camp!”

After experiencing cupcake camp last year, I decided that I wanted to participate this time. Meaning not just eating, but actually baking.

I convinced a friend to partake in the journey (Chris was as interested) and after much indecision and experimentation (coffee with donut? cereal-themed? cocktail?), we whittled down to Mojito.

Without alcohol, it is my favorite “cocktail” drink. A bartender once scoffed at me when I asked for a virgin mojito—isn’t that just soda water with lime juice and sugar? At alcohol-filled parties, I would bring mojito mixers and spend time hovering near the bar, filling up my cup with soda water/7-up mixing it with the sugared liquid and mint. As surprise gifts, Chris would suddenly produce a bottle of strawberry mojito mixer, mango mojito mixer…all most likely purchased at bargain basement prices.

And it surprisingly tasted so good in a cupcake form.

So in much brainstorming and last-minute desperation, my friend and I concocted a presentation that did knock the socks off many people at cupcake camp. Although it did not win any awards (was it not unique enough? why was the decoration award only considered for a single cupcake than all), it was a hit.

Our construction:
4 (borrowed) martini glasses
1 LARGE goblet from Thrift town
frosting filled in each glass
bed of mint leaves on top of the frosting
all 24+ mini mint-infused and rum-glazed cupcakes with lime triple sec cream cheese frosting pierced with a decorative toothpick

Now…presenting the amazing…MOJITO TWIST!

We had to convince the cupcake organizers to allow us to carry the cupcakes out not ruining the logistics. Somehow Chris (in a cat sweatshirt no less) found himself checking off the cupcake tickets.

More photos: close-up, more, mine

And so ends another adventure….

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