Here come the crossroads

I am at an impasse.

Having gone to graduate school directly from college, I was on a direct path. I found jobs quickly after graduate school. Despite having been laid off not once, but twice. I always knew where I was headed.

But is it that where I wanted to go? Tough question.

What if I walked out the door with nothing. Except my credit card and a bank atm card. What if…I had nothing? What if it meant no computer, no electricity? Nobody that I knew? What if?

Every single part of my life has been meticulously planned that I don’t know exactly what spontaneity means. And those few moments of spontaneity that I experience—the moment that I walk into a foreign city and discover something…so serendipitious. Is that why I seek those alternate reality games? Is that why I love improv? Because for a few minutes, for an hour, I am somewhere else, I am not me, I am taking that leap.

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