Guess her…muff?

I was appalled at first. Of the website. Only recently have I realized that I am a staunch liberal and have this fervent feminist yelling inside me. Like all modern females, my attitude toward porn has always been, Can’t you find something real, instead? Like IRL?

And although the website objectified women (first it shows a normally dressed woman, then on click you see the women in various stages of undress: the point is to guess…bare, not bare, landing strip…etc.). And yet once I got past that initial disgust, I saw the value.

What surprised me is that I could easily guess what was under there just by judging how she looked on the outside from the outfit she chose wear, the eyebrow shape, the posture, the pose, etc. WHY? How could I?

Oh wait…is it because what’s under reflects the outside?

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