So instead of going with da girls of the BLAH blog, I went with Karen, Yeh and company to see Star Wars. Because I never saw any of the originals nor Episode I, I was quite oblivious to nearly the entire story. Let\’s just say that I started laughing during the love scenes, especially when Anakin professed his love. \”Sand is coarse…unlike your skin…\” I basically reenacted that scene with Karen afterwards. ;)

I admit though…the YODA scene was one of the best.

Who knew that I\’ll be eating in a restaurant named Sun Hong Kong until 1 in the morning. I basically nursed a glass of hot Hong Kong style milk tea during the dinner. Tomorrow: CLAIM JUMPER!!! :D

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  1. whee!!!!!! claim jumpers!!!!!!!! my first time there!!!!!!!!!! whee!!!!!!! skipping lunch.

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