*SNEEZE* I went to Claim Jumpers with *SNEEZE* Karen, Yeh, David, and Michelle. Earlier, Karen had requested *SNEEZE* to go to *SNEEZE* Claim Jumpers before we finished finals. *SNEEZE* The appetizer combo *SNEEZE* was basically a waste, because not only was the presentation bad *SNEEZE* (just a bunch of onion *SNEEZE* rings piled in the middle *SNEEZE* of the plat surrounded by assorted *SNEEZE* appetizers). The three dishes were order were good *SNEEZE* and *SNEEZE* plentiful. No *SNEEZE* dessert though.

We also went to *SNEEZE* Safeway.

Then hung out *SNEEZE* at *SNEEZE* Karen\’s *SNEEZE* place *SNEEZE*.

As you can see, I had *SNEEZE* *SNEEZE* *SNEEZE* *SNEEZE* hor-*SNEEZE*-ble \”allergies\” *SNEEZE* and that *SNEEZE* *SNEEZE* was quite *SNEEZE* bad *SNEEZE* since *SNEEZE* I was dri-*SNEEZE*-vi-*SNEEZE*-ng.

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  1. Steak was good. I was actually able to think about eating more steak this morning. Can\’t wait to go back and suffer the same situation as you from cat allergies….

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