Mission #6: Pepto Pep Talk

Note: The 2010 scavenger hunt is over (a concluding post will come soon) and we got first place out of 121 teams! This is a series explaining the background and thinking of our missions of the SF Street Food Scavenger Hunt 2010!

Mission: Take a video of yourself eating a lot food, taking Pepto, and your recovery

(the instructions were originally in unreadable BRIGHT PINK)

When I first saw this mission, it was easy enough. Because my sister was in my town, my parents was trying to schedule a lunch or a dinner with the entire family. And I eventually agreed to Sunday lunch. My parents wanting to try something new—but not too new to my grandparents—decided on a buffet that my mom constantly heard about on the Chinese radio and newspaper. Not to mention, buffets were often easy choices for my family—no language is needed to pick the food. You just go…and get it.

And so, we were booked for Moonstar (be wary of the website—it’s totally Asian!). And surely, this would fit the bill of the Pepto video.


Having told my parents and my sister the plan, we attacked the buffet. Plenty of options. Our plan was to put Chris as if he was eating all by himself.

But then came the hard part. Our plan was to stack up the dishes as high as possible so that we could have a good picture of all the eaten food. We had to swat away servers constantly who were kindly trying to take away our dishes. Not knowing how to politely say that we were trying to take a picture, we all just said, “No sorry, we’re not done yet.”

At some point, we caved and took the picture. My sister suggested using a crab leg as a toothpick.


And my sister wanted a picture too. I am glad that she’s as shameless as us.


When a server finally approached to take away the dishes, we finally admitted our reasoning. She admitted that she thought that we were going to ask for a box for all the remaining food. That would be too Asian.

And mind you, we weren’t the only ones at the table.

The scene behind the scene

Later we took video of Chris doing the pepto dance. (Yes, there is a pepto dance.) And yes, he was in Guitar Hero boxers.

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