Sleep is an addiction

Louis CK made a very good point last Friday.

Sleep. It is like taking drugs.

When you wake up, it’s like a horrible withdrawal. You really don’t want to get away, but you should. Because…you just should. You want to crawl back into this black deep…comfortable zone. That stupid stupid alarm…you want to throw it away.

Many mornings you let yourself be selfish a bit. Just a few minutes. Just a little longer you say aloud to yourself with your eyes closed.

I am not a morning person.

Then there’s that one BEAT that pounds you awake.

Ok OK! And you pounce. You miss it already. Desperately missing it, but regretting it because now you have to push the gas, you have to run. But you look so forward to it…it’s only in 15 hours. Or maybe 20 hours.

Soon it will be yours again and you won’t treat it so badly this time.

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