I would not exist without the Internet

With a few friends recently considering or…actually…deactivating their Facebook accounts, the thought just occurred to me:

At what point, do we suddenly cease to exist if our digital versions of ourselves…disappear?

Quite frankly, I am roped in. A recent survey of Americans ranked Facebook at the same level of cable and mobile phone providers—that achievement of ambivalence. We live it, because we can’t live without it, but we absolutely hate hate hate it. Until the moment it brings a small minuscule moment of happiness into our lives.

Some would say…WHAT, yes you can live without Facebook. My statement of yesteryear in 2004 is unfortunately true: If the Internet was not here, I would not be here.

Because quite clearly, we would without Facebook:
Forgotten for various event invitations
Birthdays would be forgotten…NAMELY yours
Friendships would fade fade fade away (because someone can’t as easily poke you)
Your face would be forgotten
Getting photos? Impossible.

Of course, this applies only my oh-so-digitally-connected world. I just can’t imagine life without this very platform. To think, I lived in 2003 without it. But back then, I had AIM. And if you didn’t talk to me on AIM, you didn’t exist.

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