Was it the end? The last of the street food festival.

Note: The 2010 scavenger hunt is over (a concluding post will come soon) and we got first place out of 121 teams! This is a series explaining the background and thinking of our missions of the SF Street Food Scavenger Hunt 2010!

Well apparently, it was not.

At midnight right before the street food festival, we received word that events were going to take place at the festival. Well, OK THEN!

Like last year, Chris and I prepped. This time, we made sure that we had a map and memorized where all the booths were located.

And so we rushed over to the festival around 11 am. We kept checking our email, awaiting an announcement. Unlike last year, the email didn’t indicate a place to meet. So we waited. We talked to Caleb—the head of La Cocina. Nothing. And so we waited optimistically…and waited…and waited with when David and Jeff showed up.

At least we ran into Team Neverland.

Team DFT and Team Neverland!

And got a nice picture with Brody!

Then we wandered around, tasting foods here and there. We decided to meet up with Joey Chestnut!

Joey Chesnut loves TWINKIES!


And watched a Taco Challenge.

Taco Chowdown of 5 NORMALS vs. Joey Chestnut

Well, at least we were entertained. But where was this promised GO GAME finale?!?!?!

In the end, I tasted foods from businesses that I frequented anyway—including Three Twins Ice Cream, Aziza and Roli Roti. But it wasn’t the experience that we were hoping for.

Unlike last year, there were no gameday missions such as taking pictures of a celebrity-lookalike or reactions to our team name. Nothing…but what did the evening hold for us?

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