I recognized him and I turned my head as he walked by

He also recognized me too but didn’t express the flash of recognition.

As we walked passed each other on Valencia Street, I immediately recognized him. As he and two others in his group walked by, I stared and let my head turn as they walked by. Someone in the group said hi to me, probably to acknowledge my strange actions. But no reaction from the target.

The target that is…was a high school classmate. Not a friend by any means. Or enemy. It was someone who had made fun of me, but at the time, I took it for attention because unlike everyone else, I was “recognized”. I don’t remember exactly—but I think that he made a name for me or wrote something taunting/annoying/interesting in my yearbook. And perhaps that’s why I remembered him and the others that “recognized me”. At some point, I remember finding him on facebook, noting that he was on the other side of the country.

Then I thought nothing of him for years.

In high school, I could recite the entire class by name. Everyone to me was known by their first name and last name.

Yesterday as we passed each other…it was a strange moment. Why did I say anything? Did I have anything to say? Was there any reason to waste time? And I fretted about it for the following hour while at dinner.

On the way back, carrying my leftovers, I passed him again. Oddly enough, I was carrying leftovers and he was carrying leftovers. This time, I did not hesitate and said his name, “Tyler?” And he responded with my name. We made small chat for less than a minute. And then I was satisfied.

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