$600 successfully recouped!

Slightly more than a week ago after signing a release of liability, it was over.

The bike accident was concluded. The driver gave me a lump sum for the original value (plus tax!) of the my bike at original MSRP. I had two bruises that have now but all faded both in color and pain. The repairs were fixed thanks to Valencia Cyclery replacing only one part (the wheel) for slightly more than $150. And then a seat from Francis which I struggled to install (on my own).

And this morning, I finally took my bike for a real ride commuting to appointments and work. Steel felt so real.

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t have a paralyzing fear after the accident occurred. Perhaps it was because when I fell I wasn’t facing the approaching “death”. Or that the driver expressed all the anxiety and despair so that I didn’t have to show any. And that if I had any strong emotions they were buried in my bike destruction rather than the fear of my mortality.

Yet I still remember the brief seconds where I immediately had regrets about life.

In the end though, I made $450.

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