Gritty on the outside

I had walked in circles with my hands freezing carrying my two bags from the airport. Eventually, I pulled out my phone and reoriented myself to the correct German street.

And then I saw it. The buildings were all covered in graffiti. I sucked in my breath—yes I had pay a super low price for this room, but is this how it will be like? I ran the doorbell of the building…the host buzzed me in but then I noticed that the front door to the building didn’t close anyway.

The host didn’t look like his photo and upon entering, I was hesitant. Concrete. The place obviously wasn’t done up to be designy in anyway. It was left as if nothing had been personalized. Then I saw my room—it was as advertised. A small “Japanese” room as described.

The following morning, I woke up…and I realized how excellent it was.

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