So I thought that it would be hilarious if I suddenly appeared

Walking in, I spotted him sitting. He was looking through his phone—the usual sight of people waiting around in this city. I walked across the lobby and came up on the other side of the long bench, behind him.

YBCA lobby

I thought it would be hilarious. So with a swift jump, I attempted to leap over the bench and to land sitting next to him. Instead, I suddenly found myself in a free fall ending up as a pile on the other side of the bench. Htting my knee hard and bending my right foot slightly the wrong way. He looked surprised which was the achieved effect…and had this look of recognition cross his face—I know this crazy person.

Immediately I was horrified. But then I started giggling at myself. And I wanted to curl up in a ball and hide for awhile. But what emotion came up the most was…immediate pain as I rubbed my wounds as others came over and said, “Are you ok?”

I could barely answer as I was starting to laugh at myself with embarrassment, pain, and horror.

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