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You deserve someone who is crazy about you

There are faulty notions with the beliefs:

  • Love means that you never have to apologize.
  • When there is no passion, there is no love.
  • You cannot be friends with your significant other.
  • In the past year, it’s everything but that.

    Due to the way I grew up and the beliefs I collected along the way, I believe that relationships are partnerships in life. Everyone—as humans—seek another for the purposes of bearing witness. We are in a world of millions of individuals. A select few have their lives remembered—whether under scrutiny or admiration. But many of us are lost among the masses. Our partner reminds us that we do matter. It’s the partner that will support you as truly the number one fan.

    How can anyone deserve anyone less? To be with someone who can’t accept you as who you are—with weaknesses and strengths.

    I know what I prefer in character: honesty, dedication, curiosity, passion.

    I have crazy ideas of many things. And I pursue them. Sometimes recklessly. But all I want is someone to help me when I stumble and to say, “It’s ok! You can try again. I believe in you.”

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