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I wanted a taco tonight and how foursquare helped me

After a bike ride up to Cole Valley (ice cream bar) and Union Square (writing workshop), I was tired…and most importantly hungry on my way back. Fortunately my ride to and from were uneventful. Just one small minor incident realizing that my back brakes somehow became loose (somewhat scary while riding down the hill on Market Street).

But all was well.

So I called my usual compadre. TACOS TACOS TACOS, I yelled into the voicemail. Silence.

Ever since taking upon the rule of never eating alone, I just never eat alone except in my kitchen. So I returned to my place where my roommate and friend were sitting in the living room couch. I ate the remaining bread from Brick Maiden Breads (Pointe Reyes!) with a bit of cheese from Cowgirl Creamery and the two kiwis that I bought on sale.

But as I went back to my room, hunger dug at me. Again.

Then I checked foursquare. Omg, hey my good friend Jenn is at The Jelly Donut. So why not. I put on my winter jacket and walk stupidly alone down 23rd street (realizing that I was not supposed to walk alone due to a recent assault). Halfway through my walk, I realized my error and am thinking about walking in the middle of the street, admist the street lights. Of course, that way EVERYONE will see me. Especially if they’re dodging me in traffic.

Fortunately, I made it to Jelly Donut and talked to Jenn (and Ian!) for awhile. And the evening ended uneventfully with them walking me back in their cleats and road bikes in hand.

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