Longevity is in my family

My great grandmother lived to be 103 and my grandfather is in his late nineties.

If similar genes are passed down to me, could I really be okay with living a whole century–to watch everyone I knew pass away, disappear, times change?

I think…yes, of course. If I had my mind. If it was nimble enough as it is now. If it didn’t slow down to a trickle where I would desire to have a mind as youthful as it is now, but am clouded by health, distracted by an imbalance of hormones…and feel like I was living in fog. That’s not a life that I would want.

I want to be able to express myself clearly and succinctly. Be able to write in some form. That is my outlet now. That has been my outlet for the last decade. If I am not allowed to let it out, then what?

I cannot and will not just let the world pass me by.

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