The way I approach hard to eat foods

I eat it.

I eat it all.

Even as people told me that watermelon seeds grew in stomachs, I ate it all. Seedless watermelons? Too expensive. I will swallow the black dots whole. After all, my mom bought red watermelon seeds from Chinese supermarkets and cracked them open like baseball fans. So it shouldn’t be an issue?

And any fruit with thick skin? No problem. I’ll eat it too. Now it’s not that I’ll eat melon rinds or citrus peels (the latter is tasty!) Cherries? Such a pain to spit out the pits! (Although I am quite excellent at gathering a bunch of at least 10 and discreetly spitting them out later.) Chicken feet? You see, I grew up with it. So swishing around the small bones in my mouth never scared me. Fish with tons of bones? Yeah, so one small bone might get lodged, but coughing sure gets it out! Cupcakes? Paper never hurt anybody (although I do this rarely…)

Tonight, I had candy canes. Whether they were manufactured poorly or they were aging, the plastic stuck to the candy. Stuck around the curves and at the ends. It wasn’t a simple unwrap as the plastic kept tearing into smaller pieces until my fingers became a sticky mess. Then I thought, why not and proceeded to eat the entire thing.

Now in the end, about an hour later, I am still spitting out small pieces of plastic. I sucked out as much candy as possible. But I finished it all.

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