Come on, Mail!

Yes, Mail, I still use you even though everyone else has moved onto the web clients of gmail and the like…and all the fancy pants mobile email apps.

I still use you after all these years, and obviously prefer you over Outlook. That old eccentric relative.

I started using Apple products again after a hiatus of nearly 4 years in college when everyone was using Windows. It was after all where napster and kazaa and the like required Windows…at least to work well. Then when I started working as a RCC, an IT consultant to the lesser-educated residents in the dorms, I started panicking about the security of my well-maintained Windows computer. You see, those lesser-educated residents didn’t know to update their computers frequently and install antivirus. I surely didn’t want any havoc from computers turned into monsters eating anything within its reach.

So I switched to Apple. I was a hipster then. Really. I had one of the few powerbooks in the area. But within the tech world…I was like everyone else.

I loved mail. It gave me everything that I needed. Seamlessly. Straight lines. Great integration with everything across the operating system. If there’s a link that said “mailto:someonewhoishouldcall@butididn’”, then you would automatically pop up at the right time.

Well, typically in most writing, this is where I would say goodbye. But no, that’s not it at all.

But emailing from the wrong email account! COME ON. If I am replying to an email from my account, don’t suddenly default to my account.

Yeah, that’s all. For now.

I am upgrading to Mavericks soon. If your improved self is better, let’s have a good relationship, yeah?

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