She had a little bit of green

Instead of doing the “right thing”, we continued chatting while she had some salad in her teeth. After all, it only distracted me 10% of the time since I only saw it when she opened her mouth wide (when she laughed). And it was late and it was getting dark and she was going home soon…so what’s the deal?

Knowing how I would have reacted, I didn’t want to break her flow. I would have embarrassed…so embarrassed so especially during the awkward moment where someone would say no, your left, just a bit more, back to the right, no, there you got some of it, got it. That it would have frazzled me for a good ten minutes. In less than five seconds, I pondered saying something, but the moment passed by. Because I just couldn’t bring myself to say something. To spare her the future agony. Allowing herself or someone else tell her…or hopefully let it wash it away later.

So then we talked. Small talk. Professional chat. Challenges in our professional lives. Ways to overcome challenges. Our personal interests. The service where we met professionally.

And then suddenly the hour was over. “Oh! I have to go,” she said looking down at her phone exactly an hour after we started speaking.

We parted ways, and I let the little bit of green stay.

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