How non-designers think of interactions

Let me be honest even though I am well trained to be respectful during user research: There’s some days that I want to just say: “THAT’S SO STUPID.”

But then I catch myself and tell myself to stop being so critical.

I hear things like:

  • Wouldn’t be great if I could just tap on a corner and it would just bring up [insert some information thingy]?
  • How about make all four corners my menu? It would disappear and change to what I need!
  • I want my phone to change for my morning, for my afternoon, and my evening. Automagically!!
  • How about we make every time we swipe left, it would just always bring up what I want?!
  • I want just one button for [insert ANY function]!
  • After they say that, I grit my teeth as they stare intently at me. Sure, I could design it that way. But after years of experience, I know that modes and those “simple” but in reality complex interactions don’t work. Yes, exactly…why can’t thinks work magically? Why can’t there just be one button? Because simply put, you will be frustrated with that one button, because it won’t allow you to do the thousands of other functions you want in one button? And why not something that adapts to the time of the day…because, you puny human, your actions are so unpredictable, so random, so irrational, so illogical that no designer and engineer can ever figure out what you really want to do.

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