When you have achieved mastery of skill…

You feel complete and satisfied.

You don’t need control. You don’t need power. In fact, power seems silly. Because by being a master, you have already achieved greatness through merit. You have reached this level through diligence and dedication. You know that you are a master.

Once a long time ago, insecurity and doubt consumed you. You had no idea what you were doing. You just knew that this is where you wanted to be. You may have spent hours cowering in the dark corners, shameful of your failures and disasters. The challenges knocked the breath out of you. The climb exhausted every inch of you, but you kept trying even if someone tripped you or an obstacle stood in your way. Tears may have streaked down your cheeks. Your muscles ached so. Your heart breaks, but the following day, the sun rises again and you keep hoping. You may have laid face-down in bed, pounding and wondering why do I do this to myself?

And now, you really have. Others see you in awe. People want you as a mentor. People seek your wisdom and knowledge. They are awestruck by your words. They want the secrets to your mastery.

And you tell them only this: Because I kept trying and I never stopped…

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