A food blog…about what?

My designer sensibility halted me in my tracks. I have always wanted to start a food blog—more to document all the food adventures I have both in the kitchen and traveling. Yes, I did the 31 flavors project, but once I completed it, I was…just confused as where to go from there. And then I thought about a food blog. But I instantly became stuck. What is it really about? How is it different from other food blogs? What’s so special about me that a food blog would make it so worth for someone to read? What do I have to offer others?

Or is it just some self-indulgent work?

It can’t just be a cooking blog. It can’t just be a food travel blog. It can’t be a foodie who happens to be Asian American and loves cooking frugally. It can’t just be a “food life in San Francisco”, because that’s what all bloggers do in San Francisco.

Otherwise, it simply ends up like this blog with a mix of thoughts.

Sometimes I wish that I would blindly dive into projects, but that isn’t me. I need to think about everything holistically, plan for any barriers and challenges, and hypothesize a possible resolution.

Last year, when I was heavily promoting my Kickstarter, I attended several food blogger events. Nearly all the attendees had a food blog. But they struggled with a focus. There are mommy bloggers. There are vegan bloggers. There are former chefs and bakers. But as we all know, there’s only a few that can be successful.

Then again, all of this just got stirred up, because I love the blog from David Lebovitz.

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  1. It’s good you think this stuff through. I always burn myself out on my own projects. Sometimes I’ll sustain a project just to keep its existence for a little longer even when it’s not catching on. That’s one of the worst feelings.

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