Dancing was my first dream

Ask me what my childhood dream is. I mean, really ask it. Don’t accept the answer when I say “writing”, because that was the dream that was attainable.

Ask me what I really wanted to do.

It was dancing (and singing). I dreamed of moving along with the music. The way I could let the music vibrate through my body. The music would fly through my veins, my fingers, my arms, and my legs.

Until the dream fell through my fingers when my body, voice, and social anxiety didn’t cooperate. I attended ballet class until I was 10, wishing so hard to do the first positions and second positions as my classmates did. I pretended to sign in chorus, but only a whisper came out.

Every so often, I come across contemporary dance, and it reminds me of what my dreams were like. The dreams where I fly through the air, so easily and simply. I land with grace and the world is mine.

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