The key to success: Presence

Yes, I have always repeated this mantra over and over again to drill people into what I value: Presence > Presents.

But it’s more than that. I truly believe that to succeed at anything is to show up. If I want something, the least that I can do is just be present. Because the fact is everyone else who doesn’t want that something as much as you do will not be present, will not show up, will not commit.

I admit though that the detriment of this belief is that I lose trust in others when their presence falters. So many people claim “busy lives”, but it’s the fact that what I value isn’t the same as what others value.

But then there comes the question of: will they even notice my presence? will they even notice my absence? will it even matter? will it matter if I was present and then as they say…ghosted?

I always notice when people appear and when they disappear. I wonder what happened to their self-respect if they won’t let others remember them.

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