Brazil Accounting

Taxis: 4
Taxi called by 99 taxis, the uber of Brazil: 1
Planes (including layovers): 11
Subway: ~8
Buses: 22
Tour buses: 3
Airport buses: 2
Failed attempts to take airport buses: 2
Failed attempts to take subway: 1
Cable Cars: 2
Train up a mountain: 1
Rental car: 4 days
Walking: Moderate in comparison to trips in Italy, Turkey, and New York
Boats: 5
Boats under crushing waterfalls: 2
Passenger ferries: 2
Kayak: 1
Bikes (that were so-so quality): 4

Living Quarters
Hotel: 2
Airbnb: 3
Airbnb that turned out to be a hostel: 1
Pousada: 1
Locations with loud music: 1
Location that lacked AC: 1
Locations with ceiling fan: 3
Locations without breakfast: 1

Beaches (touching the sand and dipping into the water): 5
Average hours of sleep per day: 5
Times Chris and I were separated for more than an hour: 4
Bitten by mosquitos and the insane black fly: 30+
Expensive meal of $100+ USD per person: 1
Meals less than $10 USD per person: Many
Time tricked into buying something unnecessary: 1

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