Conversation with my neighbor

Background: I had been in Brazil, and my roommate notified me that the landlord left a rent increase notice. But there was no way I could handle it effectively from afar. And the moment I touched in the United States, I started research. When I was in LAX during a layover, I texted my downstairs neighbor to investigate. Did he get an increase too? Or was the landlord just targeting me?

Then the following conversation ensued…while I was delirious from lack of sleep on a red-eye 11-hour flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Me: And it’s too bad that our landlord is increasing the rent
Him: He told me if I made out with him he wouldn’t raise my rent
Me: What??
Him: He said I’m the best kisser in the house though
Me: That sounds like sexual abuse. If you report it, you might get free rent for the rest of your life

I haven’t had a regular conversation with my downstairs neighbor yet. Beyond mild morning greetings when we pass each other through the front gate.

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