A growing Facebook event

The event promised many delights—beauty, nature, plants! People clicked “interested”. Just to show some interest. Just to mark it on their calendars. Just in case. What if they miss out? FOMO? It was nearly more than a month away, so why not?

In the meantime, everyone else heard about the event. “Your friend so-and-so is interested in the event.” So then it spreads. Slowly at first, maybe it’s just the garden’s staff and their friends. Then it’s those friends of friends. And then the friends of the friends of the friends. Maybe it’s the city mayor staff who spreads it not only to their friends, but then publicized it in things to do. “Support city funded activities!” Maybe a local celebrity finds it interesting, after all, she just read a book on the beauty of nature. So she tweets about it. And the number of people interested suddenly increases all the way to the thousands, almost reaching a million.

But then the date soon gets closer. People start to realize. Well wait there’s this other BBQ I want to attend. I am too tired. I have too much work. The kids would rather go to the zoo than here. And then the interest is just the interest that is feigned. And a here there is a trickle of people. No more, no less than the same amount of people anticipated before the event was even posted.

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