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Selling Viagra

Selling viagra “Did you know that there was a handicapped section?” I asked my mom, selling viagra curious about whether she really wanted to be part of the women’s march.

Selling viagra To my surprise, selling viagra and contrary to what my sister said, selling viagra she said simply, selling viagra “Oh I wasn’t planning to go. Selling viagra You were there for me.”

Selling viagra I became incensed. Selling viagra “Every voice matters!” I said. Selling viagra “Why didn’t you really go?”

Selling viagra “Because it wouldn’t have mattered. Selling viagra It won’t mean anything.”

Selling viagra And that’s when it struck me. Selling viagra The greatest problem in any society is apathy. Selling viagra Which is generally the great consensus. Selling viagra Whether it’s apathy, selling viagra because of a loss of hope. Selling viagra Or apathy that we must accept things as they are (and cannot change). Selling viagra Or apathy, selling viagra because we are resigned, selling viagra defeated, selling viagra and depressed. Selling viagra The danger is that, selling viagra because the energy dissipates and then soon, selling viagra we forget the joy of living.

Selling viagra Yesterday night in an insomniac moment caused by coughing, selling viagra I scrolled through Facebook. Selling viagra Yet there were many intense posts about the immigration ban and the fight for the rights. Selling viagra But then there it was. Selling viagra I would have scrolled right by in my dazed 3 am state if the word Asian hadn’t caught my eye. Selling viagra A post about anti-Asian activity in Southern California. Selling viagra

Selling viagra Despite my incredible desire to be an insider, selling viagra to be popular, selling viagra to be like everyone else, selling viagra I have never rejected my Asian American identity. Selling viagra Yes, selling viagra I may have rejected the side of me that is too Chinese, selling viagra embracing the non-Chinese food and speaking only English fluently. Selling viagra But yet, selling viagra to reject how I look, selling viagra has never crossed my mind.

Selling viagra When I look in the mirror, selling viagra I see only me. Selling viagra But I know quite consciously that everyone else doesn’t see me that way. Selling viagra They know that I a not white. Selling viagra Some might even assume that I am not American and wasn’t born here.

Selling viagra And so then. Selling viagra I had this fear several months ago once the election was determined. Selling viagra “What about me?” I said. Selling viagra “Can I do my job? Can I do what I need to do? Can I still be effective despite being the person that I am? Can I still be me?”

Selling viagra They came for them. Selling viagra Now they may came for me.