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Viagra for cheap For the final for my econ/government class, viagra for cheap we had a final project. Viagra for cheap I don’t remember the exact details of the assignment and what we were supposed to present. Viagra for cheap Somehow I had the great idea to create a video about myself. Viagra for cheap Somehow I had an incredible desire to tell the entire class about myself.

Viagra for cheap And also, viagra for cheap the teacher had given us the option to ask a friend to see our final project be presented. Viagra for cheap So I chose Rebecca.

Viagra for cheap Except all I can remember when I showed the video was how suddenly embarrassed I was.

Viagra for cheap In high school, viagra for cheap I was incredibly socially anxious. Viagra for cheap I didn’t want to tell people who I was. Viagra for cheap Instead, viagra for cheap I wanted to bury myself into the background and not be noticed. Viagra for cheap So that always led to this paradoxical desire—I desperately wanted to be heard, viagra for cheap but not seen.

Viagra for cheap So like many brilliant ideas in my life, viagra for cheap I had imagined the perfect ideal scenario. Viagra for cheap I would create an artistic video that summarized everything that I felt, viagra for cheap saw, viagra for cheap and heard. Viagra for cheap Everything that was about me. Viagra for cheap Now the world would understand! Now everyone would grasp at what’s important about me! Now they would get it! But unfortunately during the process, viagra for cheap I didn’t think deeply about what it meant to actually present the material.

Viagra for cheap So on the day of the final project, viagra for cheap I played the video that I had carefully created. Viagra for cheap As I played it, viagra for cheap I suddenly was so embarrassed and terrified. Viagra for cheap I covered my face. Viagra for cheap My teacher did notice and attempted to yank me out my embarrassment. Viagra for cheap Embarrassed again, viagra for cheap I forced myself to watch…my masterpiece.

Viagra for cheap And it was fine. Viagra for cheap I am pretty sure my high school classmates don’t remember it, viagra for cheap especially now it’s more than 15 years ago.

Viagra for cheap But this past Monday, viagra for cheap I thought—what a great idea to present my “About Me” at my new job. Viagra for cheap I would show my quirkyness, viagra for cheap my fun, viagra for cheap and my style. Viagra for cheap But as usual, viagra for cheap this time with years of maturity and confidence, viagra for cheap I blasted through it with no fear. Viagra for cheap But then I realized—the terror. Viagra for cheap I have just exposed myself with the silliness of how I viewed life (privately) and how I wanted life to be.

Viagra for cheap But then afterwards? Not much, viagra for cheap except for the colleagues who already was very interested in my background. Viagra for cheap So I seeped back into silence and the neverending skulking.