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Viagra 100 Mg

Viagra 100 mg How did you travel in 2017? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

Viagra 100 mg In 2016, viagra 100 mg I traveled to Finland/Sweden for my first big speaking gig, viagra 100 mg Portland for a “bachelorette” party, viagra 100 mg road trip to LA for my sister’s wedding, viagra 100 mg and Minnesota for work. Viagra 100 mg In 2015, viagra 100 mg I went to Brazil for a conference, viagra 100 mg multiple work trips, viagra 100 mg and a midwest trip. Viagra 100 mg In 2014, viagra 100 mg I went on multiple weekend trips, viagra 100 mg increased business trips, viagra 100 mg and found a destination for ice cream and writing. Viagra 100 mg In 2013, viagra 100 mg I finished off the bulk of the travel for the Ice Cream Travel Guide. Viagra 100 mg In 2012, viagra 100 mg I started the journey of a life and went to what I thought was unfathomable (in my life) — six domestic destinations and eight international destinations — for professional and personal reasons. Viagra 100 mg In 2011, viagra 100 mg I went on one international trip, viagra 100 mg one domestic…and one super local. Viagra 100 mg In 2010, viagra 100 mg I went on one international trip and multiple domestic trips.

Viagra 100 mg In 2017, viagra 100 mg I traveled to:

  • Minnesota one more time. Viagra 100 mg And it wasn’t even for quitting my job although I had planned that already.
  • LA not once, viagra 100 mg but twice. Viagra 100 mg Once for the pre-planned trip to a writer’s conference. Viagra 100 mg On the way back, viagra 100 mg Chris made some strips in cities along the way, viagra 100 mg which was quite excellent. Viagra 100 mg Then another one to visit the Museum of Ice Cream in LA, viagra 100 mg because I had to. Viagra 100 mg Although regrets, viagra 100 mg because it came to San Francisco just about five months later!
  • Las Vegas for a short-sighed omgihaveajobibettergosomewhere. Viagra 100 mg It wasn’t the most excellent trip (because Las Vegas is limited for what it is), viagra 100 mg but it was very filling with food!
  • Then that big trip to Thailand and Myanmar. Viagra 100 mg All because my friend Sasi mentioned that she was going to visit family and I am always rather fond of visiting along with friends to their home country. Viagra 100 mg And Chris came with me! To make up for not going in 2009. Viagra 100 mg We went to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Viagra 100 mg Then hopped over to Yangon. Viagra 100 mg The Thai stuff was amazing, viagra 100 mg but Myanmar was somewhat disappointing.
  • Viagra 100 mg And that was it. Viagra 100 mg Somewhat disappointing, viagra 100 mg since I didn’t actually go to New York. Viagra 100 mg And because of the torrential rain downpour earlier this year, viagra 100 mg the roads to Big Sur were cut off due to landslides. Viagra 100 mg So the writers camp didn’t happen.

    Viagra 100 mg But this coming year? I am guessing that I have make a work trip to Minsk at some point. Viagra 100 mg Hopefully that can fold that into a trip to Budapest to visit Callie. Viagra 100 mg But perhaps, viagra 100 mg it will fold in with a Health 2.0 conference. Viagra 100 mg What I hope for is some tangential trip for a film festival (Telluride perhaps?) or somewhere to ski (Whistler? Colorado?). Viagra 100 mg And I really hope the writers camp at Big Sur happens?!