I told my parents about the incident I had in the bar Friday night. My dad was very amused. I tend proceeded to ask him what was the most interesting experience he had in the last two years. He said that it was making my mother cry. My mother agreed vice versa. Her most interesting experience in the last two years was when she tried to make my father cry.

My dad said that I inherited my meanness from my grandmother (my mother\’s mother). awwww…sniff!!!

Ben of madcool.com made me join his OH SO COOL dating site. After my experience on emode (being contacted by someone I vaguely knew at work and hearing my coworkers made fun of him that I literally started ROFLing), I had vowed never to be part of any dating site again. So thus, on cupidcontact.com, I opted to make the most TURN-OFF profile ever. I was the first profile (besides the owner) on the site. Feel free to join. And yes, just for my friend, let me know of any improvements that he could do. So far, I really think he should make the site gay-friendly for Mikkkke. ;)

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  1. ohmigosh! That\’s so freakin funny! I did not know that! Making people cry eeeh! Hehhehee! I AM SOOO SUPSER AMUSED… I didn\’t know Poe Poe was supposed to be mean. Do you think you are more mean than me ranch? Or do u think I am? Boo! Hhehee. Now I\’m excited!

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