If there can be anything good to come out of the blogathon for me this year, I have met a very nice gay boy. Sniff, it\’s such a rarity nowadays. Now compounded with his bashings of religion and major dislike of parents…oh I\’ll just say I have made a new friend!

If I was crazy enough, I would try to hook him up with Miiiikkkee (WHO NEVER READS THIS BLOG BECAUSE HE IS A LJ WHORE), but we all know how bad things happen during a hook-up scene. (Speaking of which, Fiona told me today that the MAIN GUY found me cute and funny. um.)

At the same time though, all this…reminds me of high school. Anytime I meet someone from high school, I am almost consumed with jealousy. Regrets? Not exactly. To this day, I have always thought that if I went back in time and lived my high school days…I don\’t know if I could have done anything differently. I was so trapped in a desire to be accepted ever since I moved to Lafayette that I had dug my own grave. The summer before my high school senior I remember thinking This year is going to be different. I am going to be somebody. It\’s going to be different. But it was the same. I nearly suffocated myself from a desire to socialize. Four years later, I am only thinking it can only get better.

OH AND I FIXED MY PHOTO ALBUM for those who are starving to comment on my superficiality.

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