The project at my internship is unfinished. It was supposed to be finished by this Friday, when the internship was supposed to end (two months). But apparently because of corporate fuss, CEO stubornness, and the discovery that we had to learn everything on our own pushed the project back and back.

The CEO asked us to stay an extra two weeks so that the project would be finished. Now I am feeling bad that I am not, because I had orchestrated my summer so that I could fit in everything I wanted to do. After finals ended, I went to San Diego to visit my sister. Then I had three days of doing nothing at home. Then I started my internship on that following Monday in June. Then it (supposedly) ends this Friday. The day after I return, I start work in Berkeley. Then I work that for full-time for two weeks. Then I start class. No time!

I would just to mention how I don\’t fall easily for traps. Gullible? Me? I am just going to whine right now. whine whine whine. (How ironic, it makes me want to change my layout too.)

So I wonder if this is evidence that I don\’t get along with my friends\’ boyfriends. Wait, but i like him. :D

Come on, tell me how idiotic this conversation is (took out irrelevant parts):
him (who i thought was her until he identified himself): i like boys
me: boys?! [At this point, i was thinking…big news, why is she telling me this.]
him: men
him: did i tell you about my 3rd nipple?
me: 3rd nipple?! [at this point, I think she\’s just trying to toy with me. I go off on another direction of topic. Thinking she\’s referring to a pimple or something. I decide that I should just play along…]

him: its on my back
me: ! [right.]
me: what kind of nipple?
me: is it…..NORMAL? [I thought she was referring to a skin problem. Some kind of scar caused by surgery that accidentally looks like a nipple. I was going to enter the territory of joking whether someone dared sucked it. But of course…]
him: its a skin thing
him: btw
me: ooh
him: this is ____
him: and your gullibale
me: you don\’t know me that well [Now I am pissed off. I noticed something was wrong before, because she wasn\’t spelling right. The grammar was off and she didn\’t usually type short sentences. And it boiled my blood even further when he used the word your]
me: is ___ watching
him: ya
me: go ask her what she thinks i am thinking
him: \”she doesnt like you\”
me: actually [Now I am thinking, maybe…maybe…this is where I do the usual break off of all relationships. I don\’t need anybody. I don\’t need anyone. I don\’t care. I haven\’t seen her all summer except once. And yet I am not supposed to remember the times we had together…but I resort to my own ironic immaturity]
me: i don\’t like you either [mainly him. now I am remembering my first impression when i met him. yet ever since then, I have tried to be unbiased. sometimes people are different in private.]
me: thanks for telling me
him: your loss i suppose
me: what bull [I don\’t swear. Despite my desire, I had to say something. My loss huh. Now I just want to rip him apart.]
me: i knew something was wrong when the grammar went downhill
me: and apparently
me: i appreciate you calling me gullible
me: try it again please
him: your no fun when your being bitchy and condicending [GOOD GOD, CAN HE SPELL? CAN HE PLEASE USE THE CORRECT FORM OF YOU ARE?!?!?!]
him: or at least trying to be
me: why? [actually at this point, I am infuriated, but at the same time, I am happy that I got labeled those adjectives. sniff thank you.]
me: am i supposed to be fun or something?
me: i am not here to amuse you
me: choose someone else
him: fine imve lost all intrest [whatever that sentence was supposed to mean]
me: so tell me, the story of the \”third nipple\” was that funny [i would like to know if he got a kick out of seeing me \”gullible\”, which i wasn\’t.]
him: happy?
me: very happy [the shrink inside my head says that I shouldn\’t throw away people…just yet, but we\’ll see]

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