everyone deserves a second chance, right?

maybe this is the end. the end of the beginning.

I looked back on the first few entries I had on my blog (there was an accident earlier this year that deleted several months, but I had a backup of the first 6 months)…and realized how I was more carefree then. I used the word lol (WHICH I NEVER USE ANYMORE, because it\’s too fake…and a space-filler) and how I used to post random web tests. It seems that I am more \”angry\” (ANGRY ASIAN GIRL RIGHT HERE!) now and not as \”happy\” as I was before. TEMPER TEMPER DEAR JENN.

I am anticipating the opening of enemyster.com. Now if I can get a beta code. By just saying those two sentences, I will get automatic hits. :D Hi there!

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  1. clarification q: are you angry or bitter?
    a possible explanation::: the more one analyzes things, the angrier one gets. perhaps.

  2. bitter i think. resentful. i don\’t know how i got this way. sniff. zelda psychologist, tell me what this all means!

    the funny thing is…I don\’t feel at all like this away from the computer. I don\’t lash out at people. My temper still flares, but I don\’t act on it. Restraints? Inhibitions? I guess I don\’t want to know how I would be like when I am drunk.

  3. i\’d say the medium moderates how you portray yourself. which is a good thing, actually, and proves that you\’re not sociopathic or anything like that. yay!

    hmm. *strokes chin* since you asked… and without me knowing you so well… this is what i would say to such a situation:::

    i think resentment/bitterness/?… stems from disappointment. sometimes, one has a pile of unmet expectations, whatever they may be, sitting like a dustbunny under the bed. and one befriends them. one takes them out every once in a while to check that they\’re still there, polishes them off, plays with them for a while, and puts them back. occasionally one adds a new one to the pile.

    of course, i could be wrong. ;)

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