How superficial can some people be??!?!?!?!

I know some of my close friends are superficial, but omg this is the last straw.

Ben of and (big whoop), some guy I had met on my trip to China who has many \”connections\”, finally joined friendster due to my coaxing. He immediately added a few of his friends, but was very reluctant to add me because of my picture. Yes, my picture is of me three years ago when I got my widom teeth out. Because I am so sensitive to skin incisions, my cheeks puffed out and I looked like I was \”mentally challenged\”. Ben refused to add me, but after awhile he decided why not.

And immediately his female friends complained. One called me a dog and promptly said woof woof to show off her superior ability of judgement. All of the three agreed that my picture being on his friendster profile made him look bad.

Well, okay so it\’s friendster. Some trivial \”matchmaking\” six degree network site. Yet still. I put my picture up on friendster to test how superficial people were. Most gladly added me, and furthermore some people didn\’t notice how odd my picture was. But of course, Ben succumbed to superficiality. HMMPH.

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  1. Yeh, Ben looks like a freakin Duck. I\’ll chop off his freakin testicles make them into 1000 year old eggs and feed them to his freakin deyamn girl buddies.

  2. Ben was the ugly duckling that was left behind. Then a little girl picked it up and ate it for lunch because she was hungry. Then Ben became a pile of poop. Then his siblings found it and ate it.

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