I already got critisized TWICE (and I am sure THRICE soon) for having a so-called narrow view of a certain habit that guys have.

Yesterday, I went to work on a computer that was located in the guys\’ dorm. Like all the other RCCs, I really dislike going into Bowles just for the fact that it\’s easy to get lost in there and residents sometimes act very FRATish. But this was my first experience (since I started working last year) when I had to work on a computer that had a wallpaper of a nearly naked girl. Not only that, the resident had used a magazine page highlighting the 100 hottest sexist girls EVER to cover up the drawers. Not to mention the numerous scantily clad girls on the walls.

In addition, I heard the suitemates and the resident frolicking around a TV, making superficial \”supposedly funny\” sexist comments. Of course, in one respect, he probably was acting that way around his friends…but still. I remember how much I personally disliked it when I was invited to gloss over a magazine of shiny models to only say she is so hot (and i want to get plastic surgery one day so that i can just look like her).

I just tried to focus on the task on hand, which was scanning the computer for virii and installing Norton Antivirus, trying not to click on the girl\’s breasts. (I think I will get some nice google hits for this one.)

But stop before defending your poor meaty little hearts…OMG JENN YOU\’RE STEREOTYPING…OMG JENN YOU\’RE SO NARROWMINDED, IT DOESN\’T MEAN THAT WE ARE SEX-OBSESSED. I am just pointing out an interesting event of my day. :)

I think Mikkkeee would be impressed.

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  1. Just to clarify, there are women out there that are just as bad about this kind of stuff. Theres no doubt that they are out numbered by the guys that do this, but they are out there.

  2. of course! I mean…I was at a party where I was encouraged to take part of a group of girls who salivated all throughout People Magazine. Hm.

    If someone had asked me if Brad Pitt was hot, I wouldn\’t know how to answer.

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