Maybe I make this a real blog (a log of interesting links that I have found on the web)

But I won\’t. Not yet.

EDIT: every word of my sentence is a different link for you who do not realize my artistic pursuits.

EDIT (again):
1. very introspective boy. i like what he says about life and…girls.
2. it\’s a coworker, but he apparently doesn\’t know who i am. now i know the inside of rescomp.
3. human interaction designer. i want to be him. well at least be like him. he has the domain that i was thinking of getting two years ago. but alas i forgive him because he was a berkeley cog sci major.
4. sex or something.
5. friendster forever!
6. now i can play music of famous video games on the piano!
7. always have a list of handy latin phrases with you
8. RIAA IS IDIOTIC. now we know why.
9. I find GOOGLE everywhere. Mine mine.
10. Most people don\’t usually find my site, but I do.
11. Now with a wireless laptop (compliments of cs160) I can find wireless locations throughout califoria everywhere!
12. Inspiration for my own statement of purpose.

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  1. i actually found it today while googling for \”q-cup\” and \”boba\” (it\’s true that statement you made) and was impressed by the way you wrote about your life. Or at most, i related EXCEPT did you say stanfurd?! and you\’re a RBJer!

  2. i have been stalking fury for the longest time. FELLOW COG SCI MAJORS UNITE! i was searching for the following terms (at different times) and always came across fury: human computer interaction graduate school yahoo interaction designer cognitive science berkeley statement of purpose carnegie mellon

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