Two years ago, I got the flu. I ignored all the symptoms and did a 2 hour intense lab (and magically completed it) while I had a 101 fever. As a result, I laid in my bed almost still for the next 24 hours.

I have a history of going to class sick. Mostly with the philosophy that if I can get everyone sick by my contagions, then the curve of the class will be in my favor (this all relying on the belief that I will get better before my classmates). Funny thing is, I almost said this when some newsperson from one of the big four came to campus to interview students about SARS (the university had banned students visiting from SARS-infected countries from enrolling).

So today, I woke up at 9:30 am to eat breakfast with Cliff. Almost at once, I was hit by a sneeze attack. Somehow it calmed down so that I was able to have a nice breakfast. Then I came back and was hit by exhaustion. Then I went downtown to work for a lady at AAA. Unfortunately, my nose started drippng like crazy, got a headache, aches, chills, tiredness…and basically for the first time ever, I called it a day.

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  1. sorry to be all boring and say::: get well soon.

    i remember the first time i called it a day due to FLU. i had a seminar at the uni, and i was so exhausted that i couldn\’t keep my eyes open for more than 30 seconds before dropping off. unfortunately my seat was right next to the prof\’s.

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