Is it really fair to get paid for making mistakes? Let\’s say that you\’re paid on an hourly basis. Then you make a huge mistake that slowed down the company\’s production. Then you\’re paid for those 10 hours you spend to correct your mistake.

I remember being annoyingly irritated when I heard that someone where I work got to do that last year. But today, an agent at AAA who knew me through my parents called upon my aid to help her do some Microsoft Word stuff. I was not that happy that I was called upon to do data entry. And to create mailing labels. Sure it sounds easy enough, but with the quirks of Microsoft Word (and the features I NEVER use), it took me 2 hours to configure everything correctly, reading through a manual, align everything (hey this is like trying to bake a cake without knowing the recipe, just having the general idea). And I got paid for it.


There has been this cup of red liquid (I wish it were blood, but life isn\’t that interesting. it was probably cranberry juice) that has been sitting on the steps of the entrance to my apartment complex. Every day I pass by it, wondering why it hasn\’t been knocked over. At the same time, I wonder if someone put it there out of drunken stupor. Or perhaps someone put it out there to test when will someone be motivated enough to take it away and dump it. Or maybe drink it? And of course, I was always wondering why it hadn\’t been knocked over yet.

So today I came back from my usual weekend excursion to find it knocked over, all its contents spilled on the stairs.

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  1. I think Employers expect mistakes to be made. No one is perfect. Now, if you were intentionally making mistakes to slow your project down, and get more hours, that would just make you a jack-ass.

  2. i don\’t expect sympathy for my mistakes. but rather…i think it\’s more of…the more mistakes one makes, the more likely the supervisor is likely to dismiss the employee.

    in this case, i didn\’t like the job. i don\’t intend to do it. it\’s supposed to be an one-time deal. let\’s hope that she doesn\’t call on me again because she wants to save money instead of hiring a true technician.

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