Berkeley has just included this option for courses:
Class rosters, which inform instructors of the students enrolled in their courses, now include student photographs. These photographs are the same as those used for students\’ Cal Photo ID cards. Only the instructor of record for the course can view these photographs. Photographs of students on the waiting list are not included.

I don\’t want my professors knowing how I look like. It\’s more of…I want to be able to sneak in and out of class without my professor recognizing me. Plus if I was a professor, I know how I would abuse it. If I was a professor, I would sit down one night and look at all the pictures of my students. Then I would categorically place them into my to-succeed category and the to-fail category. And place bets with myself. Or I will look at the photos and freak out at how many asians there are.

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  1. OMG That\’s exactly what I would do too. I would even bet with other teachers. I\’m sadistic.

  2. Jenn will now become a professor just in order to have access to these photos. WHAT GOOD STALKING TECHNIQUES!!!!!!!!

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