Sigh, I think I got food poisoning. :(

I have been like up since 6 am because of it.

I am not sure if it was because I ate an one-week old lunch that was refrigerated (probably not since I didn\’t feel the effects until 6 am and I ate this lunch at 1 pm yesterday). Or whether it because of the food I got at the I-house cafe yesterday. First I had a roast beef aram sandwich. Then later on I ordered a half-salad and half Middle Eastern sandwich, which turned out to be a huge plate of raw greens. And because it has been so hot lately (IN BERKELEY), I drank 5 cups of water from their dispenser.

EDIT (4:39 pm): sigh feeling much worse. maybe it\’s a bacterial/viral infection?

EDIT AGAIN: my mommy came all the way from home to my apartment just to get me apple sauce, which to my dismay I couldn\’t open due to my poor grips. Sniff, how wonderous parents are. She also took my temperature and took some of my dirty laundry home. SNIFF!

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  1. Oy, just finished a lecture on various protista. Some of those little \”buggers\” (as the professor put it) can really get ya. Be happy it\’s not something like Amoebic dysentery?

  2. Just jumped over from the RBJ. Sounds horrible. Hope you feel better soon though. Food poisoning is never a good thing.

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