Out of boredom (and procrastination), I wrote a script that displays the large text above. Yes, you if you use the same computer over and over again will have a personalized greeting. If you just get the generic YOU STRANGER greeting, then you most likely have not commented.

This is my first phase in creating personalized logs for me. Using all these variables (type of operating system, browser version/type, region time, isp name), I can personalize my logs to show the user\’s name rather than the user\’s computer specs.

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  1. yes i do! I also know that you only visit once a day to the page compared with some INSANE BERKELEY people who visit more than once a day. or even three times within an hour!

  2. oh you complainers! :p added. done.

    of course, you realize I can only do this for static ip addresses! ZELDA: you have like at least two different ip addresses!

  3. W00t! I am no stranger! Then again, all the JCMU comps have the same IP, so no problem there. Nifty script!

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